Establish Credit.

Establishing your business credit can help your business by:

  1. Obtaining better interest rates and credit terms from banks and lenders
  2. Increasing the likelihood of buying on credit from other businesses
  3. Lowering your premiums from insurance companies
  4. Making it easy for potential business partners to completely assess the risk of doing business with you

Establishing your business credit is critical if you are a new business or an existing business without a complete business credit profile. Companies will want to assess your creditworthiness before making critical decisions about whether to do business with you. Many of these companies rely on for this information.

Not having a complete credit profile with Vietnam WVB Financial Intelligence Services Co. Ltd. or having an incomplete file can make your company look unstable or unhealthy when it may be financially sound. This can cost you money.
Vietnam WVB Financial Intelligence Services Co. Ltd. Can help you build a complete credit profile. You will receive:

  1. A full credit profile called Business Information Report.
  2. An additional of up to 5 payment experiences to your credit profile, used by other companies to determine your ability to pay your bills.
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