Monitor Credit.

Do you know what�s in your credit file? Monitoring your business credit profile can help you see what other companies look for when determining:
  1. What interest rates to charge you when you're applying for a loan
  2. What your insurance premiums should be such as workers� compensation
  3. If you are stable enough to be awarded work from a potential customer
  4. If you can buy supplies on credit or if you must pay Cash on Delivery (COD)

Monitoring business credit is important for all businesses concerned with building and maintaining their business credit profiles. It�s critical that you understand what�s in your credit profile and monitor it for accuracy and changes.
Vietnam WVB Financial Intelligence Services Co. Ltd. can help you monitor your business credit profile

  1. Access to the most-up-to-date credit information on your business for 12 months.
  2. E-mail alerts when your business credit profile changes.