Protect Credit.

Protecting your business credit profile can you help your business by:
  1. Allowing you to understand what "typical" activity on your credit profile looks like
  2. Tracking inquiries on your credit profile so that you can have an early warning sign of any problems, and identify potential fraudulent activities.
  3. Maximizing your potential business opportunities with other companies.

Protecting your business credit is important if you are competing for new business or if you are looking for early warnings of potential problems such as business identify theft.

If you see heightened activity but you haven't recently applied for a loan, purchased insurance, or attempted to acquire new suppliers or customers, then someone else may be doing so in your name.
A report which shows recent inquiries on your business�s credit file.
You will receive:

  • Information on the number of companies that have inquired on your business in the last 12 months.
  • Information on what specific information has been purchased from VIETNAM WVB FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES CO. LTD. on your business.
  • Email alerts when companies purchase information about your business.